Executive Chef Zack Capoccia

Even as a boy, when anyone would ask lil’ Zack what he wanted to be when he grew up the answer was the same: a resounding, “I wanna be a chef!” In his large Italian family, his mom probably welcomed the help in the kitchen. The seven family members would eat together  every night at 6:00 pm sharp. That’s part of the reason why Zack is so at ease in a busy kitchen. It’s like home for him. Aside from his Mom – a capable home cook herself, Zack’s earliest influences include the neighbors, Dan and Marie who had a huge vegetable garden out back. Zack was always in the garden with them, weeding, harvesting, shelling peas… The connection between what you grow and what you eat is engraved in his mind, and in his  habits. After culinary school Zack landed his first professional kitchen job with Chef Bill Nigo in Sacramento at the renowned contemporary Japanese Kru Restaurant, where he worked his way up the ranks from intern to sous chef.

Oregon’s quality agriculture was a big part of the draw that inspired Zack to move from the Northern California valley farm country in 2012. He continues to develop and further his relations with local farmers, ranchers and food artisans in and nearby Salem. Zack has been Executive chef for the Bruce Carey Restaurant group at both Clarklewis and Saucebox, in Portland. On his rare days outside the FairWay kitchen, Zack may be found fishing the Lewis River in Washington, foraging the local area, or perhaps tending his own kitchen garden.

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