Without winter, spring would be only half as beautiful.

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Fresh greenery in front of the house

A lawn and a few shrubs are not enough to give excitement to the front garden. Flowering beds are missing! High time for a makeover. We present you two design ideas with planting plans for download.

This front garden is actually just a “front lawn”: Except for a few boring shrubs in the back right corner, there is nothing to be seen of a real garden. The small retaining wall along the sidewalk is also in urgent need of repainting.

Observe nature and learn from it.

If I’ve learned anything in the last 4 decades of gardening, it’s this: working against nature is tedious and rarely successful in the long run. Maybe a dewalt leaf blower will help you tackle the foliage, but it takes more than that for a whole garden. I can cultivate hydrangeas on a south-facing slope – but only if the woody plants have a direct connection to the water spigot and a fully automatic opening sunshade. I could have an English lawn, but only with a lot of effort and herbicides. I could plant a Japanese maple, but only if I first replace our rich clay soil in large quantities with light humus.

Decisive for your success in the garden are

  • Selection of plants appropriate to the location
  • Patience
  • Curiosity and a willingness to acquire a certain amount of gardening knowledge on your own.
  • This includes such mundane things as reading (and taking to heart) plant labels and care instructions, which are usually included in the package when buying perennials from good online nurseries.

Take Your Project to the Next Level

Many people mistake a gravel area in front of the house for a low-maintenance front yard. But it is not. Even if there are expensive garden bonsais in the gravel bed (it’s not a bed!), it won’t turn into a garden.

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